Tier 1 Event Management Travel Amplifies the Possibilities

Hand-selected Tier 1 Event Management team members recently returned from a leadership conference in Newport Beach. The firm's Director discussed the benefits of this trip for those who attended and the entire organization.

“One of the most exciting perks we offer our top performers is the chance to travel,” stated Lucia, Tier 1 Event Management’s Director of Operations. “Several times a year we provide the opportunity for team members to visit a different office for cross-training, or attend a weekend retreat with global industry leaders. We use trips like these to recognize exceptional effort, provide training and development, and to relax and have fun as well.”

The firm’s most recent travel op took qualifying team members to Newport Beach for a leadership conference. While there, Tier 1 Event Management brand ambassadors gained training from some of the most successful professionals in on-site marketing through keynote speeches and networking events. 

Tier 1 Event Management’s Director Discusses the Power of Networking 

“Networking at a conference like this provides a unique learning opportunity,” Lucia explained. “The chance to connect with an industry leader one-on-one, sharing best practices and personal stories, takes the mystery out of success. These conversations help my team realize that truly accomplished people are no different than anyone else; they’ve just worked harder on themselves and faced more challenges than we have. We can do what they’ve done, if we just apply the same amount of focus and grit to our careers as they have.”

Of course, meeting other interactive marketers at about the same level was an inspiring experience for Team Tier 1 Event Management. According to Lucia, it’s good to know that other people are facing similar challenges and learning parallel lessons on their paths to success. Not only does it help people take a more objective view of their careers, Lucia asserted, but shared experiences create a sense of camaraderie. 

The final benefit of the trip is realized once attendees have returned from the conference, and are able to present the information they learned with the rest of the office. “There are two reasons this is important,” Lucia declared. “The first is that people are more attentive to information they are receiving when they know they will be required to teach that info to others later on. The second is that Tier 1 Event Management’s success is built not just on individual talent, but on teamwork. By sharing what we learned in Newport Beach with the rest of the crew, we raise the level of performance for the entire organization.”

About Tier 1 Event Management 

Tier 1 Event Management is a leading interactive marketing firm. They specialize in distinctive sales promotions that engage consumers. Each campaign is backed by cutting-edge data analysis that presents an accurate picture of the targeted consumer’s needs and desires. This ensures well-crafted messages that resonate with the intended audiences. The firm’s specialized approach produces higher conversion rates and profitability than traditional advertising methods. Due to their success, Tier 1 Event Management has continued to expand to new markets. Learn more by visiting their website tier1eventmanagement.com.

Source: Tier 1 Event Management