Tier 1 Event Management Supports Fire Relief Efforts

Tier 1 Event Management's Director of Operations discussed the firm's commitment to helping relief efforts in the wake of the Napa Valley forest fires. She also outlined the team-building benefits of supporting good causes.

​The Napa Valley is close to home for members of Team Tier 1 Event Management, which means the recent wildfires in the area have caused tremendous concern. Lucia, the company’s Director of Operations, stated, “The fires have directly affected some of our team members. We are dedicated to supporting relief efforts in any way we can.”

By donating to the recovery efforts, Tier 1 Event Management helps the entire community as well as its affected associates. Lucia remarked, “We want to make it clear to everyone in the region that we’re committed to making a positive impact. During good times and bad, we’re prepared to contribute to people and organizations in need. Our company will gain visibility in the process, which I hope will fuel further giveback efforts in the future.”

The Director also wants to let people in the area know that Tier 1 Event Management is in the relief effort for the long haul. She commented, “This will be a long recovery period. We still don’t know the full extent of the damage, including for those within our own office. I can say that we will be involved in the recovery process for as long as it takes.”

Tier 1 Event Management’s Director on the Team-Building Value of Community Support

Giving back to the community is a great way to foster stronger relationships between team members. This is true when things are going well, but it’s an especially valid point when people are going through hardships. Lucia explained, “We learn a lot about each other when we come together for a good cause. In this instance, we’re discovering just how empathetic our teammates are. Empathy is an inspiring trait, so it’s been nice to see it in action as we support the fire relief cause. It’s already fueling stronger collaboration around the Tier 1 Event Management office.”

Supporting good causes as a team also creates greater job satisfaction and overall morale. People want to work for companies that have strong social awareness. Lucia remarked, “It gives professionals an extra bit of motivation to know that their employers really care about making a positive impact in the community. Engaging in philanthropy also helps a company attract and retain the sharpest talent.”

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Source: Tier 1 Event Management