Tier 1 Event Management Shares Exciting Summer Opportunity

Tier 1 Event Management’s Director of Operations is hiring college graduates to join the team and participate in implementing dynamic marketing and sales campaigns for their summer internships.

“Interns on our team receive training and growth opportunities just like our new team members, and plenty of perks as well,” said Lucia, the Director of Operations for Tier 1 Event Management. “As part of their internship program, participants will take on responsibilities such as mastering the art of establishing strong relations between local customers and national brands. Interns will receive training and coaching to help them learn to be professional in their sales approach and effective in their work. In addition, interns will be able to attend and participate in meetings to increase their leadership abilities.” 

“Our goal is to help our interns get the right professional start and advance quickly into management positions in their future careers,” Lucia added. “We’ll cover everything from being detail oriented in reports to time management and learning how to stay up to date on the industry and market. For the right person, this is a phenomenal opportunity with unlimited growth potential.”

"Anyone with an upbeat personality and a willingness to learn and work hard has a great chance to succeed with us."

Lucia, Director

Tier 1 Event Management Creates Supportive Team Culture

Interns joining Tier 1 Event Management for the summer will get a chance to work in a culture of support and cooperation. “We focus on providing top-notch customer service, positive and professional interactions in all situations, and keeping our atmosphere energetic,” said Lucia. “Anyone with an upbeat personality and a willingness to learn and work hard has a great chance to succeed with us. We can teach business basics and how our industry works, but we need people to come to us ready to learn, listen, try things out, and grow.”

“Our team members are great about nurturing interns and making sure they not only get the best training, but also have some amazing opportunities during the summer,” continued Lucia. “One of our biggest company perks is the travel we do to different events, conferences, and retreats across the country. We’ll make sure our interns have the chance throughout the summer to come to some of these events and listen to top industry leaders speak. We also like to have fun as a team and we’ll make sure our interns are in on it.”

If the opportunity to grow professionally, learn how to work in a business office, and have a chance to grow and travel sounds interesting, apply on the Tier 1 Event Management website.

About Tier 1 Event Management:

Tier 1 Event Management is a leading interactive marketing firm. They specialize in distinctive sales promotions that engage consumers. Each campaign is backed by cutting-edge data analysis that presents an accurate picture of the targeted consumer’s needs and desires. This ensures well-crafted messages that resonate with the intended audiences. The firm’s specialized approach produces higher conversion rates and profitability than traditional advertising methods. Due to their success, Tier 1 Event Management has continued to expand to new markets. Learn more by visiting their website tier1eventmanagement.com.

Source: tier1eventmanagement.com