Tier 1 Event Management Benefits From Team Getaway

Tier 1 Event Management's Director of Operations detailed a recent R&R event that took attendees to the Dominican Republic. She also outlined the team-building potential of such excursions.

“We use travel incentives as a way to get the best performance out of our associates,” stated Lucia, the Director of Operations at Tier 1 Event Management. “Our annual R&R event is probably the most sought-after trip we offer. This year’s getaway saw Claire, Leah, and Troy make their way to the Hard Rock Hotel in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. It was a memorable experience that offered plenty of benefits to our standout associates.”

The R&R trip allowed attendees to build their networks and interact with top performers from all corners of the industry. Lucia added, “This was an ideal way to reward Claire, Leah, and Troy for their hard work. They returned to the Tier 1 Event Management office freshly motivated to apply their unique talents and make a big impact.”

Lucia had high praise for each of the team members chosen to attend the exotic getaway. She explained, “Claire has gone above and beyond as a campaign manager to earn her spot. She received mentorship from some of the top guns in our industry during the trip. Leah has been nationally recognized as a top admin. She continues to take on more and more responsibility working as an office manager, so she has definitely earned some relaxation.”

Troy is a newer addition to Team Tier 1 Event Management. The Director explained, “Troy is a fast learner, which has helped him accelerate his development in our business. His main goals for the trip were to get closer to his teammates and to network with successful entrepreneurs.”

Tier 1 Event Management’s Director of Operations on the Team-Building Value of Travel

Lucia believes in the team-strengthening potential of travel events. The R&R retreat featured snorkeling, great dinners, and an awards ceremony to bring team members closer. “Our people spent a lot of time getting to know each other during the trip,” the Director noted. “They learned about unique talents they don’t get to see around Tier 1 Event Management HQ. This is the type of personal bonding that leads to stronger collaborations at work.”

There’s also something about being in a new place that elicits fresh thinking. Lucia stated, “We gain new insights through traveling, partly because we’re in more casual settings. Our people tend to find sharper focus and develop innovative ideas when they’re away from their daily routines for a while. They pay off bigtime when they’re applied back at the office.”

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